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Luc Visuals is a one man company specialized in making explainer animation videos and editing image and sound. With lots of experience from both professional and hobby projects, Luc can definitely help you with all your media projects.

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These are some of our animations on YouTube right now.


Production process

This is our standard production process for creating animations.
We may deviate from this when necessary depending on the style, deadline and budget of the project.
  • Script

    We develop a story for the movie with your input. Voice over lines and titles or notes about possible illustrations.

  • Storyboard

    When the script is approved, we will sketch illustrations (in concept) by every line or paragraph of the script.

  • Voice over

    The voice over will be recorded. Many different voices can be chosen, in English or Dutch.

  • Production

    We make all illustrations and fully animate the film, timed to the voice over. When animating is finished, music and sound effects will be added.

  • Final adjustments

    You can send us feedback to make some final changes or improvements. We won't stop until you're fully satisfied. If desired, we can make subtitles and a thumbnail.


Fill our form on our pricing page to get an estimated price for your production! Play with it as much as you like, and you’ll get an idea of the costs.


You can choose from multiple different animation styles or we come up with something new that fits your needs. We’re always looking to improve and come up with new ideas.


Get your animation specifically prepared for social media! We have helped build multiple successful social media channels from the ground up and even received an award from YouTube for surpassing 100.000 subscribers on one of our channels!


We know how to work with tight deadlines or low budgets while maintaining a high quality output. Prioritizing the essential, but leaving out what’s not absolutely necessary.


We can work with your existing designs or styles, or match one style to another. We can always go back and change things up, even after a product is finished.

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