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Info & tips

To submit a clip, make sure you have a demo (.dem file) ready as well as the tick of where in the demo the moment happens. Submit only your best clips, but it's okay to include multiple ticks.

For recording demos, view this page for info. We advise you to install prec. This makes keeping track of your highlights a lot easier; use prec_mode 2 (default) in your config to automatically record tournament mode games and bind a key (bind j "prec_mark") to easily make a bookmark when hit that huge airshot or insane trickstab. View your killstreaks.txt file in /tf to view demo names and ticks; press shift + F2 when viewing the demo afterwards to watch your recording and find the tick.

Submitting for someone else?
If you caught something awesome in a TF2 stream, you can submit that clip once the demo becomes available on the league's match page.

Fill out the form briefly but accurately, alwasy include a teamname if you have one. Good luck!

If you still need help submitting, feel free to leave a message in our discord channel.

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